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We believe in the balance between play and tidiness. That is why our storage trucks are developed to be interactive with your child’s play as well as foster tidy habits from an early age.

To assist your child to develop tidy habits, we have created a Car Sticker & Tidy Habits Pack with the assistance of a neuroscientist. This is included with each toy car storage truck purchase.


Ultimately, your child demonstrates a consistent behavioral pattern to tidy up their toy cars into the truck following playtime. The behavior is then reinforced by the reward of a car sticker and overtime through the feeling of self-achievement with a tidy space.


A habit is a behavior which starts as a choice, but overtime through repetition, becomes an unconscious pattern. Every habit has the same repetitive cycle commonly referred to as a “habit loop”:

1. Cue

a trigger that leads to the unconscious habit/behavior; followed by

2. Routine

the habit/behavior itself; followed by

3. Reward

the craving that is satisfied once the behavior is completed.

For example, think about all the unconscious decisions you make on a daily basis. Do you brush your teeth before or after you are dressed? Do you read a book in the evening or watch T.V.? These are not conscience decisions, they are habits.

According to a Duke University researcher, 40% of our daily actions are habits and overtime have a real impact on our lives and wellbeing. So, understanding the habit loop is important for the livelihoods of our children.

tidy habits mum and son


Through the development of tidy habits, you create routine and order in your child’s life from an early age. This is known as a ‘keystone habit’ as it can cause a positive chain reaction through your child’s life. This leads to the formation of productivity, focus, and an appreciation of belongings. Plus, you get a tidy room without the backache!


Once your child finishes playing with their cars, instead of leaving the mess and moving onto the next thing, they are incentivized to change their behavior through a reward. In this case, the behavior (or Routine) is to put all the cars back in the Tidy Treasures Truck and the reward is to choose a car sticker to put on the Tidy Habits Racetrack. Each day they clean up, they get to choose another sticker. Over 30 days, the habit is formed and all cars will be on the racetrack with your child reaching the finish line. This will also provide them with great satisfaction. If you require more Tidy Habits Racetracks to continue developing your child’s tidy habits please contact us.

The Tidy Habits Racetrack can be personalized with their name and birthday. With your purchase, you will receive 15 car stickers facing left and 15 facing right, this is so the cars can race around the track in the proper direction. The Racetrack is fun and engaging as your child goes through a loop de loop and jumps over water as they race towards the finish line. They can visualize themselves as the racer holding up the trophy. The stickers are unique with cool positive affirmations for your child.

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